17 Weird Mother's Day Gifts For Your Very Strange Mom


{"id":1100,"version":2,"resolved":false,"is_feature_flag":false,"value":"control","variant_id":1,"payload":null} var label = "ctx-wait"; console.time(label); window.waitForGlobal( () => window.HP && window.HP.params && window.HP.params.clientUUID && window.localStorage, () => { console.timeEnd(label); On the other hand, if your mom is really “unique” (a nice word for “weird”), maybe she doesn’t want the tried and true. Maybe she wants the kooky and bizarre.Don’t worry: HuffPost Weird News is here to help with some strange gifts perfectly for the weirdo in your life you affectionately call “Mom.”Flower Vase BongSmokeCartel.comSure, you can always give your mom flowers, but maybe she just wants buds. If that's the case, this vase-shaped bong should make her want to plant herself on the couch.Fart-Filtering UnderwearWearTootles.com/Give mom a gift you'll both benefit from: underwear that claims to filter out the smell of farts. Burrito PopBurritoPop.comAny mom who's eaten a burrito knows they can get messy especially towards the end. The Burrito Pop uses an amazing form of technology called "a dial" that allows the eater to push the burrito slowly out the container while keeping it together. Science marches on!Grumpy Bear Knit HatFun.comIf it's hard to pick up on exactly what about your mom is putting down, have her wear this Grumpy Bear Knit Cap so you know where you stand.Gold-Plated Pasta NecklaceDelicaciesJewelry.comWhen you were a young child there was a chance you forced your mom to wear the macaroni necklace you made for her in class — even though it didn't exactly match her ensembles. Bring her back to those days of kindergarten fashion with a slightly more upmarket version. The pasta in this necklace is gold-plated (and, I assume, not particularly tasty if she attempts to boil it.)Donut BouquetTheDonutBouquet.com/Flowers are a popular fallback for Mother's Day, but what if your mom is allergic — or has a sweet tooth? This donut bouquet will show you love her even as you up her risk for type 2 diabetes.Donald Trump Glass Spoon PipeGlassCityPipes.comDoes your mom think the country's gone to pot since Donald Trump was elected? This pipe makes her complaint literal.Chopsticks EarringsSoniaHou.comGive your mom these chopsticks earrings and she'll know you're not just forking around.Jacket For Your LegsGetTheMozy.comBeing cold doesn't feel so hot, but trying t keep warm with towels, blankets or hoodies wrapped around your waist can be cumbersome. The Mozy is a blanket for mom's legs and will stay on even if she stands up to cheer for you for ... something.Banana StufferJim Greipp for BananaLoca.comIf your mom constantly struggles with stuffing bananas (theoretically there could be at least one person who fits that description), the Banana Loca will ease her pain in a sweet sweet way.Union SuitsDien T Lai for ModernUnionSuits.comIf mom wants casual wear that is more form-fitting than baggy sweats, these stylish Union Suits should keep her warm when it's chilly. Even better: The trap door allows her to do her business without having to take everything off first. Death Star PlanterFun.comSince Mother's Day comes just after "Star Wars Day" (May 4), this Death Star Planter will give sci-fi-loving moms two reasons to love this gift.Golden Girls PJsFun.comIf your mom is still struggling with Betty White's passing, these "Golden Girls" pajamas will help her dream of a happier time in front of the TV.Head Lamp@ouridahoroots for ThirdEyeLamps.comThink you light up your mom's life? Maybe, but what if you're not around and she's looking for something in the dark? Well, maybe she needs a good head lamp more than you? Just keeping it real.String Slinghttps://thestringsling.com/If mom loves her guitar more than you — it's possible, though not likely — she will appreciate this guitar strap that also protects the strings from sweat and other environmental concerns. Rock on, Mom!Pit Viper GlassesPitViper.comYep! Mom looks cool in wraparound sunglasses. No argument there!The One Card That May Get Mom Off Your BackCardCraftSome Mother's Day cards are about sharing the love, but this one is about setting some necessary boundaries.

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