Frisbee Dog Drops Deuce On Basketball Court — And Crowd Goes Wild


A crowd at the University of Louisville's KFC Yum Center last year.Timothy D. Easley via APA dog who was supposed to entertain the crowd by catching frisbees at Tuesday night’s men’s basketball game between the University of Louisville and Virginia Tech earned his pay, but not in the intended manner. That’s because the crowd didn’t cheer on the dog for catching frisbees, but for dropping a deuce on the floor of Louisville’s KFC Yum Center, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal

Yes, there’s video. Thanks for asking.— Alex Linton (@AlexLinton_) March 1, 2023To be fair to the dog, it didn’t poop until the end of the performance, so perhaps it was intended as an encore.One person suggested the dog might be commenting on the University of Louisville men’s performance this season. The team currently holds a 4-26 record under new head coach Kenny Payne.If ever a single act defined an entire season: Halftime show dog poops on floor in Louisville's final home game.— Pat Forde (@ByPatForde) March 1, 2023Advertisement Of course, others had thoughts. Lots of thoughts.Halftime show was a real doozie— Louis in the ville (@uoflcard) March 1, 2023The frisbee dog shitting on the floor at halftime of the final home game of the season is poetry.— Mike Rutherford (@CardChronicle) March 1, 2023I have been fortunate enough to witness the roof of this arena leak, which delayed the start of a game, and a frisbee-catching dog poop on the court. No delay for the poop.— Tyler Greever (@Tyler_Greever) March 1, 2023Louisville basketball learned a lot this year. To get fans engaged next season, they are planning a Wear Red game, a Wear Black game and a Bring A Dog Poop bag game.— Creig Ewing (@acewing) March 1, 2023The dog’s halftime performance didn’t exactly galvanize the Cardinals. They lost to Virginia Tech, 71-54.

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