Man Pops The Question After Engagement Ring Survives Car Fire


{"id":1100,"version":2,"resolved":false,"is_feature_flag":false,"value":"control","variant_id":1,"payload":null} var label = "ctx-wait"; console.time(label); window.waitForGlobal( () => window.HP && window.HP.params && window.HP.params.clientUUID && window.localStorage, () => { console.timeEnd(label); Hart pulled over to the side of the road to inspect the vehicle when he realized the car was on fire.“There was a loud bang. I think the coolant reservoir blew and it shot the hood up and spewed fluid everywhere and then it went up in flames,” Hart told WSMV News4 Nashville.The couple made it out safely, along with Stevens’ best friend, who was also in the vehicle. But after escaping, Hart realized that the engagement ring he was hiding was still in the burning car. The Williamson County Sheriff's Office in Tennessee put out a car that was on fire along the highway on May 9.Williamson County Sheriff's OfficeFire crews were dispatched to the car fire off I-840 and arrived to find the vehicle engulfed in flames, according to Williamson County Fire Rescue. Crews worked rapidly to put out the flames

“[Brooklynn’s] friend knew about [the ring] and we looked at each other and said, ‘The ring is in there and we couldn’t get it out,’” Hart said.Despite the gloomy circumstances, Stevens’ best friend remained hopeful.“After our car fire happened, a butterfly landed on our car and my best friend was like, ‘Oh that means good luck,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah we have such good luck. The car caught on fire. Amazing luck,’” Stevens joked.Thankfully, her friend’s positivity wasn’t in vain

After firefighters extinguished the blaze, she quietly asked them to look for the ring.Surprisingly, the token of love was practically untouched in the burned vehicle.Myers Hart and his high school sweetheart, Brooklynn Stevens, with firefighters from Williamson Fire Rescue.Williamson County Sheriff's Office“We started sifting through all the ashes and everything and it was melted against the seat and actually it was perfectly encased in the ring box, and I opened it up and it looked brand new so it was really a miracle,” fire engineer Steve Hopkins told News4.Hart took that as a sign to propose to Stevens in the midst of the unlikely scene.“He gets on one knee and I’m like, ‘Here?’ and I started crying. I said, ‘Here? Right now? Like the car just caught on fire are you serious? I mean yes! Yes of course I want to. But like the car.’ And he was like. ‘I know,’” said Stevens.Hart and Stevens showcase their engagement ring.Williamson County Sheriff's OfficeRelated...Thrifty Bride Shows The Internet How To Throw A $500 Wedding24 Wedding Guest Dresses Under $30 That You Can Wear Practically Anywhere25 Black Dresses That Are Perfect For All The Weddings You Have To Attend Now

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