Video Shows Missing Cat Activate Owner's Doorbell Camera In Surprise Return Home


var label_6326bef5e4b0eac9f4e29ab5 = "ctx-wait-6326bef5e4b0eac9f4e29ab5"; var defer_6326bef5e4b0eac9f4e29ab5 = document.currentScript; console.time(label_6326bef5e4b0eac9f4e29ab5); window.waitForGlobal( () => window.HP && window.HP.params && window.HP.params.clientUUID && window.localStorage && defer_6326bef5e4b0eac9f4e29ab5 && defer_6326bef5e4b0eac9f4e29ab5.parentElement.dataset.ready === "true", () => { console.timeEnd(label_6326bef5e4b0eac9f4e29ab5); Her suspicions were on the nose but, despite being gone for four days, Lily later proved to her family she wasn’t going to leave them in their new residence.Whitley said she and her family were “startled” when their Ring doorbell was activated one night.A Ring doorbell notification appeared on their TV and it revealed Lily had returned to their doorstep.You can watch Lily paw at the doorbell and wait to get let into her home below.“We all gasped. We were laughing. We were emotional. We were crying. It was a great moment,” Whitley said

Whitley explained to People that Lily appeared to be “mimicking” her kids and meowing “mom” to the camera upon her return.The feline has continued to use the method to signal her return home since then, her owner told the news site.Whitley told WPIX-TV that she isn’t sure how Lily found the family’s home but she believes she understands how Ring works.“Every time the notification goes off, she’ll look toward the door. She knows what she’s doing,” Whitley said.Related...Senior Shelter Dog 'Looks Forward' To Being Tucked In Every NightDelivery Driver's Actions Save Puppies From Burning HomePopular NYC Bodega Cat Missing After Being Cat-Napped In Broad Daylight (UPDATE)

  • 2022-09-19
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