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You might want to consider converting GIF to JPG or have you thought about converting GIF to PNG or it could be a good idea to convert GIF to BMP or perhaps you could convert GIF to AVIF or one option is to convert GIF to SWF or you have the option of converting GIF to PSD or if you are looking for alternatives, you could convert GIF to TIFF or another possibility is to GIF to JPC or you may want to explore converting GIF to JP2 or do not forget that you could always convert GIF to JPF or why not try convert GIF to JB2 or it is worth considering converting GIF to SWC or an alternative could be convert GIF to AIFF or you can always try converting GIF to WBMP or if you are open to it, you could GIF to XBM or GIF to WEBP or GIF to JPEG
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